World health day do something special for your child

World health day do something special for your child

April is considered a world health day. The main fact to celebrate this day is to raise the health condition of people all over the world.this can be possible only when people will care for his health,

World Health Organisation (WHO) celebrates     World health day  7 April every year,. This day is celebrated throughout the world. Its aim is to make people aware of health worldwide. In addition, it is also encouraging and motivating governments to create health policies. Each day the theme of this day is different. Last year, its theme was depression. World Health Day theme this year is ‘ Universal Health Coverage ‘. 

The purpose of World Health Day

People around the world are suffering from dangerous diseases such as polio, lack of blood, blindness, leprosy, TB, malaria, and AIDS. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to raise the level of health of people across the world. Every person’s health is good and if every person gets sick, he can get good treatment for good treatment. Apart from this, society should be made aware of the diseases and they should be taught to stay healthy by creating a healthy environment.

World Health Organisation (WHO) is the World Health Day theme Universal Health Coverage (UHC) this year. WHO is celebrating 70th Day this year. UHC means that all people and communities get health services without facing financial difficulties. UHC enables everyone to access these services and ensures that the quality of these services is enough to improve the health of those people. Only then people may happy.

Need protein, vitamins, and minerals. Children’s diet should always be full of nutrients. They should have all the things in their diet so that they can get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutritious ingredients. If you want you can include these things in his diet for the overall development of your child. If you want to nurture your children properly, So you have to read the children’s minds. Include things you like in their may care about the health of your child this way.

Keep in mind that the right amount of baby food should include vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbs, and fats. Provide milk to children with food as it contains the necessary nutrition. Whenever you are making a food chart for the children, including things you like. 
If your child does not drink milk then tell him that if he drinks milk then he will get to see the TV. In such a situation, he will wait for milk every evening in the greed of watching TV and 
If your child does not eat vegetables, then fry it in olive oil and keep it in an omelet or you can feed it by folding it in bread. 
If your child does not like to eat or drink any vegetable, egg or milk, do not eat it. But if you want, mix the egg with pudding and feed them or mix Horlicks in milk.

Join These Diet

milk is very important for the children of growing age because there are sufficient amounts of calcium in which the bones become strong. In addition, there are vitamins A, B2, and B12 in milk which is essential for physical development
Egg Food is beneficial for children of growing age. There is a lot of protein in it. Eggs contain vitamin D, fat, and iron, which is essential for the physical and mental development of children.
broccoli is rich in calcium, it strengthens children’s bones. Your child may not like it. In such a situation, you can give your child soup. Or mix with other vegetables and prepare its vegetable.

Blue Barry is very tasty and very healthy for the kids to eat. Vitamin C and B, Iron, Fiber are found in which bones are strong. You will not have to work harder in Blue Barry Fools because it kids eat with love.
the curd is an essential ingredient for growing children. Yogurt strengthens bones and teeth and gives strength. You can give yogurt to your child in the form of lassi or as buttermilk.
so we can make a healthy world in this way that is the purpose of celebrating WORLD HEALTH DAY.

World health day do something special for your child

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