World Environment Day (WED) Beat the Plastic

World Environment Day (WED) Beat the Plastic'

World Environment Day celebrated every year not only as a celebration but also to give a message to all that only a clean environment may produce fresh air water and other essential elements with the help of which we may live a healthy life. 

India is this year’s host to the United Nations Environment-led global event, ‘World Environment Day

Beat the Plastic’ is them of this year’s World Environment Day.

A celebration of this day will take place on 5th Jun 2018.

The campaign is supported by the ministry of environment, forests and climate change. To do this student and the army will help. They will cover three districts Bilaspur, Mandi and Kallu from where the Bess river flows.

It’s the responsibility of every person in the world work to provide a clean and healthy environment. 

To provide a clean and healthy environment, every authority concerned must ensure absolute cleanliness. 

And the tourists have to change the habit of neither littering nor spoiling the beauty and environment of the glacier by throwing Plastic and other pollution creating materials.

So it is most necessary for us to promise and trying forever to provide a clean environment which is the main reason for celebrating the World Environment Day

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