How to write SEO friendly blog post in 15 minutes

how to write a great blog post in just 15 minutes

Hi friends, I am Gyan Ranjan about to share the best idea and technology to give the answer to randomly asked questions ‘how to write a great blog post to get traffic‘. You should share this post on Facebook, Twitter, plus, WhatsApp and other social sites to make it more beneficial.

These are some tips to write a great blog post to get traffic and attracting the readers

Friends, there are only 3 kinds of posts run on Google search engine very fast,

1. posts based on unique and useful knowledge.

2. Posts with full of entertainment

3  Posts about current events and news.

You have to distinguish yourself between these kinds of posts in which you are interested. You should choose the topic of post based on your experience and interest.

But if you don’t have the experience to write a post then here is some idea and technology using which you may write the unique post for your blog.

1. Select a topic:- First of all, you will have to select a topic under which post to be written.

2. Search your desired post on Google:- you will have to search related posts of your probable post title in the google search engine.

3. Select an article:- Read a minimum of 5 articles on the first page and select one appropriate post.

4. Copy that whole post.

5. Click on the link    CREATE POST

6. You will be redirected to the website spin bot where you have to pest your copied material in a box. After solving captcha and press go you will get unique post material in the result box. You must do it 3 to 4 times to get a 100% unique item.

7. Copy all the content of the result box.

8. Check how this content is unique.

9. Click on the Content check

10. Pest your content in the box and get the result. 

11. Open your blogger and click a new post.

12. Write the title using a keyword tool. I have given a link to the best free keyword tool in my previous post as indicated free keyword. The link is here           CLICK HERE

13. Pest your copied item on the post box.

14. Manage your permalink. take help

15. Give appropriate label and description

16. decorate your post to look beautiful.

17. Publish post.

These tricks should use only for fast blogging but if you want to share your own experience in your own language then here are some useful instructions and tricks to write great content for your blog

 Now that I’m done completely mutilating that questionable delineation, we should quit dallying. You know you need to start blogging to build up your business, yet you don’t know-how. In this post, I’ll show you generally perceived techniques to shape a blog segment in five clear advances that people will really need to look at. Is it correct to express that you are beguilement? We should start.

The best system to Write a Blog Post in Five Easy Steps [Summary]:

Stage 1: Plan your blog territory by picking a point, making a design, sorting out the examination, and checking substances.

Stage 2: Craft a section that is both illuminating and will get perusers’ examinations.

Stage 3: Write your post, either affecting a draft in alone session or steadily to word on parts of it.

Stage 4: Use pictures to update your post, improve its stream, intertwine amusingness, and clear up complex subjects.

Stage 5: Edit your blog segment. Effect a point to evade excess, to look at your post so anybody may hear to check its stream, have someone else read it and give input, keep sentences and regions short, don’t be a fussbudget, don’t be hesitant to clear message or change your shaped work a moment before.

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Do it, before publishing a post

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