7 ways to get free dofollow backlinks to increase SEO score

 get free dofollow backlinks

Hi, friends, I am Gyan Ranjan, In this blog post, I will share the idea and tips to get free do-follow backlinks to increase SEO score. The high-quality backlinks are too necessary to grow the traffic, Alexa ranking and Domain Authority of your blog or websites.

How to get free do-follow backlinks for any blog or websites to grow traffic, authority and to increase SEO score.

Friends, there are so many ways to get free do-follow backlinks, but in this blog post, I will discuss getting backlinks from high DA sites by doing comments.

Here are some other useful ways to get free backlinks.

1 From social sites
You can get free do-follow backlinks from social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, etc. Create accounts on these social sites and put your website link by editing your profile in every site, You will get high-quality do-follow backlinks from these sites. The list of best social bookmarking sites, file sharing sites, and social sharing sites will be helpful for you.

2 Web submission
You can submit your site to the various search engine to get free do-follow backlinks. Here are links to some great websites for web submission.
Submit website

web submission

You can also submit a link using the web submission button present on this blog at the bottom

3 Directory submission
Directory submission is also a good way to get free do-follow backlinks. You can submit your site’s homepage links or links of your post in some directories by filling simple forms of each site.

Directory submission

4 Web 2.0 submission
Create a website or blog on other platforms such as WordPress, Wix, etc. Write an article related to your post and include your post link in that article. In this way, you will get quality backlinks. I have a list of best web 2.0 submission sites that will be helpful for you.

5 Quora
Create an account on Quora and give the answer to any question or ask any question and add a link to your post in that question or answer. that’s it. you will get free do-follow backlinks to increase SEO score, in this way.

6  Youtube
Create a youtube channel, publish any video and put your blog post link in the description box. In this way, you will get free do-follow backlinks from Youtube.

7 Commenting
Select high authority comment-enabled website or blog, Do real and unique comment related to the given post. fill your name, email address. Put the link of your post in the website box. You will get free do-follow backlinks when your comment will be published.

You can get instant high authority do-follow backlinks by commenting on these instant approval commenting sites.

These are some simple ways using which you can get free do-follow backlinks to increase SEO score, traffic, Domain authority, and Google ranking.

You can audit a site and backlinks data by using these trusted free backlinks checker tools

Here is a list of high domain authority comment-enabled website, You can get free do-follow backlinks by commenting on these websites

High DA, PA blog commenting sites list

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