7 best ways to increase organic traffic and SEO

How to boost traffic to your site

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Hi, friends I’m Gyan Ranjan. In this blog post, I will describe the 7 best ways to increase organic traffic and the SEO score of your website. Follow these simple and easy steps then look at how fast your website gains the organic traffic.

Best ways to increase organic traffic and SEO score

1. Optimize your website

This is the most important factor affects the traffic to the website. A well-optimized site gets more traffic than a less optimized one. So at first, you should optimize your website to make it SEO friendly. You can do it with the help of Google Insights or other optimization sites. Generally, you have to choose an SEO friendly theme for your website. Rearrange layout for looking at your website beautiful, attracting and well optimized.

2. Unique content with appropriate Keyword

Unicity of content with appropriate keywords is most necessary to gain high traffic. Your article should be interesting, attractive, unique, beneficial and informational but not less than 500 words. Optimize images within your content and use alt tags on every image. Give a meaningful description, choose the closest label to the content, edit permalink to introduce keyword and also edit custom robots tag by unchecking the default box. Publish your post after making it fully SEO friendly.

3. Use Social Media sites

Create accounts on Social Media sites such as on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Quora Improve your popularity on these Social Media sites. Share your posts with attractive quotes. You will get lots of traffic from these Social Media sites. Create a Facebook page related to your blog or website. Share your posts from facebook page to the related groups. It will be helpful in increasing the traffic to your website. You can create accounts on Reddit, Mix, APSense, Digg and so on to share your posts to increase organic traffic to your website or blog.

4. Submit site to search engines and web directories

To get high traffic to your website, you will have to submit your site to various search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo and so on. Sign Up for the webmaster tool of every search engine site. Update your posts on these tools and follow the instructions given by these search engine sites. Try to remove all issues related to your website or blog. You can get traffic by submitting your site to the web directories. You can use the web submission button, present at the bottom of this blog to submit your posts to search engines and web directories.

5. Get do-follow backlink for your website

The high number of do-follow backlinks from DA 30-100 sites to your website will be helpful to increase traffic, popularity, and DA(Domain Authority), of your website. You can get backlinks from web directories, Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Mix, APSense, Youtube, etc. Blog commenting is also a good source to get free do-follow backlinks for your website. You can buy backlinks from other sources like Fiverr, but be careful because bad backlinks may decrease the traffic and popularity of your website.

6. Use Adwords or Google Ads to Promote

You should use Adwords or G Ads to promote your website.  In this way, your site will get as high traffic as much as you spend money. Promoting the site with Adwords also will be helpful to rank your site on Google. Sign Up for Adwords or G Ads, create your ads, choose your plan and run your ads on Google to get traffic, popularity, and ranking. Use the same process for Bing and another search engine.

7. Traffic exchange 

You may use a traffic exchange site to increase the traffic to your website. There are so many traffic exchange sites on Google with the help of which you can do so. Hitleap is a popular site to do it. You will have to install the Hitleap viewer slot in your device. Sign Up and choose your plan. Add the post’s URL in the add URL box and submit. Run Hitleap viewer in your browser. You will get traffic as more as you browse other websites. Get Start

These are the 7 best ways to increase organic traffic and the SEO score of your website

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