How to earn money from Tik Tok, 8 best ideas

How to earn money from Tik Tok

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Friends, I think, you know about Tiktok. It becomes the most popular entertainment app in the world very fast. Can we earn from Tiktok? The answer is yes. But how to earn money from Tiktok? Know all about it and the best ways to earn money on Tiktok.

Friends, I’m Gyan Ranjan. Know how to earn money from Tiktok. I’ll give you a brief knowledge about Tiktok and the best ways to earn money on Tiktok. That will help you in converting an entertainment app into an earning app.

History of TikTok

This app was known as sometimes ago. A Chinese company ‘Douyin’ bought it and merged with its app. They named it TikTok. This app became popular when its name changed from to TikTok. Because they included more features in this app.

What is TikTok

TikTok is an entertainment app in which you can upload short videos. You can entertain others by uploading lisping music videos, comedy videos, dialogs, and other kinds of short and entertaining videos.

How to create and upload videos on TikTok

It is too easy to create and upload videos on TikTok. TikTok app is available on play store for android users and on the app store for IOS users. 

You can download this app from these platforms. Sign-up by using a phone number or email or social accounts. Click on the + button. Pick a sound from its library. 

You can select my sound for using the sound of your phone. Add music on video after trimming according to your needs. You can add effects to your video. 

Now your video is ready to download and upload on TikTok. Use an attractive title and trending hashtags for your video. 

Now you can share your video on the different social media platforms to get more views and followers.

How to earn money on TikTok

You can earn money from TikTok like Youtube, blogging, URL shortener, affiliate marketing, selling photos online, Using Adsense or its Alternatives on blogs or apps or from other real ways to earn money from home

But earning from TikTok is not so easy. First of all, you need to increase your followers then you can use these simple ways to earn money from TikTok.

1. Live Streaming

You are eligible to go live on TikTok after getting a minimum of 1k followers. You may earn emojis from TikTok users on the live season. You can convert these emojis into coins or cash. 

2. Promotion

You can contact companies or people to give them the service of promotion for money. Or companies may contact you for promotion. But it is possible only after having you a large number of followers on Tik Tok. If companies contact you then you can demand a decent amount of money for promotion.

3. Contest

You can participate in the contest of Tik Tok. Make and upload videos using required #tag. You can get a fixed prize after being your those videos on trending.

4. Gifts

If you have a strong base of followers then companies may send you gifts. It may be a source of income on Tik Tok.

5. Sponsorship

You can use the Tik Tok platform for sponsorship like YouTube. But you must have a large number of followers and good comments to get sponsorship for money on Tik Tok.

6. Cross-promotion

You can add your social media links like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube on the Tik Tok profile. As a result, the followers and viewers on these social media sites may increase. It will increase the probability of brand deals for money.

7. Brand Deal

You can use Tik Tok as a social media influencer. Many brands are now a day approaching Tik Tok for their product promotion like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Because Tik Tok becomes the most popular short video streaming platform

8. Affiliate marketing

Join Amazon associates or other affiliate marketing platforms. You can promote your affiliate marketing referral links via Tik Tok to increase online earning. A URL shortener may be helpful in it.

These are 8 simple ways to earn from Tik Tok. Please comment if you have any other tips to earn money on Tik Tok.

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